About layered.

Why the name ‘layered.’?

As someone who loves to layer, really everything, from clothes and accessories to throws and rugs, the name just felt fitting. I then started thinking and thinking, snacking… and a little more thinking, when I had my “aha” moment” (thanks, Oprah). My business model incorporates three services, the “layers” – home, wardrobe, and wedding. It was pretty much a done deal from then on. Introducing layered. design.


Layered Design, LLC is a design company founded by yours truly, Yvonne McEachron in 2014.
I focus on styling one’s life; from your home to your wardrobe, and your wedding.

My passion lies in assisting people to reach their highest style potential and surround themselves with beautiful things.
I obsess over the details.

I truly believe that all areas of your life should be a reflection of you and what makes you unique. Your personal style and individuality should be present in your home, your wardrobe, and of course your wedding.

Layered offers three services; interior decorating, wardrobe styling, and wedding planning.

Why choose layered?

Why choose layered for your design needs?
I truly love what I do and that makes a world of difference.
I will be completely honest and forthcoming in my approach to styling.
I promise to implement your ideas, while pushing you to step out of your comfort zone (just a bit).

The layers:
Listen to the client’s needs
Develop a personalized plan
Execute in a timely manner

I offer great finds at reasonable prices and work to stay within your budget.
I pride myself on the highest quality customer service and impeccable client

layered’s philosophy.

More is more! Not in the way of excess
Instead with layering (hence the business name).
Stacked jewelry, layered shirts, wrapped up floral arrangements, & piled high rugs.

Quality over quantity
You do not need to blow your budget when enhancing your style.

Purchase timeless pieces
Allocate more money to timeless pieces e.g., your sofa and your shoes.
Look for trends in colors and prints for smaller, less expensive items
e.g., a lamp or a t-shirt.

Prints, colors, fabrics, textures.